Friday, May 1, 2009

Pride cometh before you find the book right where you left it

First of all, I borrowed this book from a friend and was really enjoying it. I kept it on the end table in our living room and read it whenever I had time. I had several other books I was reading too, though, so it was taking me a while to finish. Then it got lost. When I tried to remember the last time I had it, I decided it was right before Jordan's parents came to visit. "I left it right here on this table!" I insisted. "It's been there for weeks!" Just before they arrived, Jordan had done a lot of straightening up in the living room, so it only made sense that he must have moved it somewhere. He agreed it was possible, but that he didn't remember putting it anywhere.

I was ticked. How dare he move my book and not even have the courtesy to put it in a normal place! I kept bringing it up, too. Talking about how worried I was about finding the book. Wondering out loud where on earth he might have put it since it wasn't on any of the bookshelves, which it stands to reason is a sensible place to put a book. I even went as far as to ask why he felt it was necessary to move the book, and if he was worried someone would see it. Ridiculous!

So today at work I started thinking maybe I'd just order a new book and admit I'd lost (I mean, that my husband had lost) the one I borrowed. There were several different ones available on several different sites, though, and I was unsure exactly which would be the best to get. So I decided I would just do whatever I had to do this afternoon to find the book. I prayed for God to please help me find it.

When I got home I searched the van (again), the hall closet, and on top of the china cabinet. Then I looked down and saw a yellow laundry hamper with some Whole Foods bags in the side pocket. It was the hamper I took to the consignment sale. And while I waited in line that day, what was I reading but... the book. Which was in the side pocket behind the bags. I was so happy to have found it that I didn't mind calling Jordan to apologize. He just sweetly said "it's okay." Just like I knew he would. It's one of my favorite things about him.

P.S. I've been really lacking in pictures lately (our camera broke so we got a new one and I'm still not quite used to it), so here are a couple of belly shots. I am getting all kinds of fun comments on my belly. A couple of days ago the courier at work said "it seems like you get bigger every time I see you!" I also had, from a woman who'd just had a baby herself, "and it's just one baby?" The worst was a lady who asked my due date and then said "I feel so sorry for you!" (Um, thanks but I've never been happier?) I have been getting more exercise this time and am eating healthier, so I really didn't think this would happen again! I have to say, though, that several people have asked how far along I am and then said "really, well, you look great!" (I love you. There should be more people like you in the world.) My favorite thing about the big belly stage is that the baby moves a lot. I just love feeling that! Jordan pokes Ivey and Ivey pokes back, just like her big sister did in utero.

4/22. 25 weeks, 2 days. Told Jordan not to take picture.

Today. 26 weeks, 4 days. I really don't think it's that huge of a belly.


Jamie said...

The only reason that people comment on the size of your belly is because the rest of you is so small!! You are ALL belly! I swear that my LEGS were pregnant when I was pregnant. No one commented on how big MY belly was! Take it as a compliment. Congrats!

Kristin said...

I got a lot of comments, too, and they varied so much! With all four pregnancies, I've been all belly. I don't really gain weight elsewhere. (Well, I do, but you can't tell until postpartum when I'm trying to lose the baby weight and I can't pull my jeans past my hips!) Anyway, I'll hear everything from, "Whoa, you're huge" to "Oh, I couldnt' even tell you were pregnant!"

Theresa said...

Jamie is right - you're skinny with a belly! I see plenty of older women who look just like that! ha-ha!! I was REALLY big with Jesse, or so it seemed. (30 lbs. lighter than i am now!) but I went right back into skinny within weeks. Those were surely the good old days! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and your belly. It goes too fast.

Melissa said...

You look great!!!
I was huge when I was pregnant, your so cute and tiny. happy Mother's Day!!!