Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our annual snow quota

In our area, we've come to expect one decent snow a year, decent being at least two inches. It may last as little as six or eight hours if it happens overnight and the sun comes out the next day.
This year, we had finally accepted that there would not be any snow. Then this happened in the afternoon on March 1st...

All of a sudden there was a fine covering, and by the next morning...


Suzi was duly impressed with the extra-large flakes.

Okay, ready to play in snow now!

Of course, we don't have a sled. What would we do with it for the other 364 days of the year? It's a purchase we can't justify. So we took Suzi out in her red ATW Radio Flyer.

Then we tried to let her slide down our hill on an extra large baking sheet, but she didn't slide very far. The snow was kind of crunchy at this point so it wasn't that slick.

That night, Jordan went out to bring the wagon in (we keep it inside). I told him he needed to put his coat and boots on, but he argued that he would only be out for a minute and wouldn't get that cold. I said he should wear them anyway because it would look stupid if he didn't. "Well, how do I look NOW?" he asked. Heh. He has a point. I told him he looked like Karen off of Frosty.

Video of us building a snowman, and Suzi singing to him, will be along shortly.


Theresa said...

Jordan/Karen - ha-ha! I love it!!

Vicky said...

I am giggling at the way Jordan looks! Very funny!