Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sad day for football

So Clemson lost tonight. Maybe it was because it was past the tiny cheerleader's (Suzi's) bedtime so she wasn't able to stay up and cheer them to victory. As a matter of fact, neither was Daddy. I took a nap and Jordan took some NyQuil at halftime (we both haven't been feeling well after catching a lovely cold from Suzi). I woke up in the last quarter and Boston College had scored more points while I was asleep. I looked over and Jordan was laid out in the recliner with his eyes shut which is weird for during a football game, especially this one. So I yelled for him to wake up and we watched the end of the game. Then we had to listen to the stupid after-game remarks such as, "Wow, this really is Death Valley tonight, and not for the visitors, but for Clemson!" They pay them to come up with that crap.

The sad thing is that half my family (i.e., the male half) is going to be in a pissy mood over this for the next month, and of course they'll want to discuss it. At least we'll be able to claim ignorance because we slept through most of it.