Friday, April 26, 2013

Cabin fever, with some pictures to distract

We are STILL stuck at home with an absolutely miserable stomach bug--probably norovirus.  I've barely left the house in a week and a half.  First, Robert woke up puking in the wee hours of Wednesday, April 17.  Then I picked it up the following Sunday, had a horrible couple of days, and am just now eating regular food again today.  I think it was Monday morning that Ivey woke up sick and she is still throwing up, occasionally and unexpectedly.  Poor thing is so hungry, and I feel terrible for her.  We told her to stay away from her sick little brother but she's such a cuddle bug, she couldn't help herself.  Suzi hasn't gotten it yet and is staying with Grandma and Grandpa for a couple of days.  Jordan hasn't had it yet either, and it'll be a miracle if he doesn't come down with it, because he's been thrown up on numerous times and is the chief vomit-cleaner around here.

For unrelated reasons, I could really use a playdate right now.  We all could.  But we can't have one and are stuck here indefinitely, just waiting to see when the vomit will end.  I am starting to wonder if people think we are lying when we tell them yet again that we can't make it somewhere because of the stomach bug.  We aren't making it up!  This evil virus is very, very real!

I miss going places.  Playdates, trips to the park, even taking all three kids to the grocery store by myself.  I miss baking cookies for the kids, Friday pizza nights, ice cream, and candy.  I normally enjoy being a bit of a hermit, but right now I want OUT!  Thank goodness my parents are helping us with the non-sick kids, taking them to their house and on outings so at least they don't go nuts.

I can't wait for this to be over.  It sucks.  And now, some photos I've been meaning to post from more cheerful days:

We dyed our Easter eggs after Easter.  Seems like it always sneaks up on us.

This is a blown-out egg Suzi painted with Sharpie markers.  It was for Grandma.

Relaxing on the hammock in our front yard!

We got to ride a bus shuttle to our Spring Jubilee, and it was a big thrill for the girls.

The same view Jordan and I had riding the buses to college classes a decade ago.  It's the same kind of bus we rode.

Jordan's parents took us all to Riverbanks Zoo for Robert's second birthday.

Once it started going up and down, he decided he didn't "yike" it, so Jordan took him off and sat on the bench with him that doesn't move at all.

I love this guy.

Robert's birthday morning.  He is saying "CHEEEEE!" and thinks he is making a pretty face for the camera.

My mom made him a Raggedy Andy, which is the two-year-old tradition.

This was Robert's big gift for us.  It spins and the kids love it.  We put it in the backyard.  My only complaint is that the weight limit is too low for me to ride  :-(

Awesome yard sale find!  I used to play with one of these at daycare, cramming two or more records under the arm to see if it would still work.  It's a wind-up toy made in my birth year, 1984.  It was still kind of expensive for a yard sale find but oh well, I love it.

My parents took us to the Cabbage Patch in Georgia to celebrate Robert's birthday.  Sadly, we have figured out that this is probably where we caught the stomach plague.

It's such a cute place, though.  I love the fuzzy-headed babies best.

Robert picked out a baby girl named Casey.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

His doll came with a little baby sling!  Isn't that neat?  I love to see a little boy taking care of his baby.

That's all for now.  I am just hoping and praying that we will be done with this nasty sickness and back out having springtime fun by next week!