Tuesday, September 18, 2012


After watching Charlotte's Web a few weeks ago, Suzi insisted she needed a stuffed pig. She wanted to name it Wilburt. So we bought one with a little of our coin-rolling money. She enjoyed playing with Wilburt for a while, and then the other day asked me for some sweater scraps. She came back to show me her pig in a superhero mask. Then she cut an orange cape, which I sewed on for her, and named him Thunder-Crush! She does things like this all the time.

Life has been so busy and exhausting lately. It really has. But it is so worth it when I see how much more interesting things are going to get as my children grow. Holding a newborn is amazing, obviously. But when your babies get old enough to have ideas they can act on, and they begin to create, and can talk with you about what they think and why, that is even better. You finally get a sneak peek at the people they will become. It's like a gift from God that you get to open little by little over the years.

So during the difficult days that naturally come along quite frequently while homeschooling with a 17-month-old, 3-year-old, and 5-year-old, I take heart in the knowledge that it will only get easier and more fun from here. It's already happening!


Unknown said...

Thunder-Crush is adorable! I love these little glimpses into your daily life, Jenny. =)