Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Need a good reason to buy a serger?

Here ya go. It's an elf sweater coat tutorial by Katwise. You're welcome.

This is a coat I made just before the tutorial came out. I used my regular sewing machine and did some of it by hand.

I'm still happy with it. But here are some of the things Kat's tutorial has inspired me to make, in no particular order.

Seriously, if you enjoy sewing at all, especially thrifty sewing, buy that tutorial. It is so fun and inspirational and worth many times what she is charging!

In related news, I will be stocking an Etsy shop soon because I can't stop making stuff. Right now we are so close to finishing our flooring project, and all my sewing supplies are jumbled everywhere so I can't make anything. That is not a fun feeling for me. Also, the house is in such a state of disorder that I couldn't possibly homeschool in it. I am working to get it back to somewhat normal today and we will pick back up tomorrow.

But the new floor is lovely. We decided to go with laminate, after discovering how soft bamboo is. Our kids would've wrecked it in a heartbeat. We are just inches away from having the floor completely in (we need a whole new box because of a couple of damaged boards), and then there are a few finishing touches we'll do this week. But the nasty carpet is out--yay! And it looks so bright and new. I was inspired to move the furniture back to the walls to make more of an open space, and when I get my serger set back up, I'm going to make something new called a floor sled. Doesn't that sound fun?

I'll be back soon with pictures of the floor and the sled.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We are not bored.

(It is never boring over here.)

I didn't mean to neglect my blog for so long. We go through seasons of energy and perseverance, then seasons of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Right now we are trying to work our way out of the latter. It's just kind of hard to clear our physical and mental space for homeschooling when I haven't had time or energy to clean properly and all the toys have been dragged into the floor and Robert is crying to be picked up. After days like that I just haven't felt like blogging.

So, since it's Saturday and Jordan is currently walking Robert around in the Ergo, I thought I'd post a quick update and lots of pictures.

Let's start with Suzi. We are enjoying homeschooling, although I am still getting used to it. These photos are from last week, which was B week. We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears, did lots of butterfly stuff, and also talked about the number 1.

(She made this butterfly, which has extra-large antennae, for Aiden)

(We are so happy to have friends to share our first homeschool year!)

This past week was supposed to be C week but it was a total bust. We got frustrated and stressed and are going to start over fresh Monday. And we can do that. If we did one lesson a week with no breaks we'd be done by the end of April--way early. Suzi is also doing soccer with her friend Aiden. She likes it better than dance, and I feel good knowing that no one is going to spring a frilly tutu on her at the end. That's why she quit dance.

Ivey has been spending her days joining in with our circle time and other homeschooling activities. She loves singing songs and doing the motions, maybe even more than Suzi does. When I sew, Ivey likes to sit by me and cut up scraps that I give her. She says "I sewin'!"

Yes, I'm a little proud. Ivey is still working on her potty skills, but we're almost there. We love listening to her talk. One thing she's said for a while: I will ask her to do something, like come sit on her potty, and she'll say "Tan't!" and go on to explain the important thing she is so busy doing, like making coffee in the toy kitchen. She makes us lots of pretend coffee, knowing we need it.

(Ivey loves her little friend Evie)

(She loves to pick up little rocks to carry home. Ha ha. I made her put this big one back.)

Robert. Bobber. The sweet boy is not at all fond of being put down. Never has been. He can play in his jumperoo now for a few minutes, and will play on the floor on a blanket for a little while. Usually just until Ivey comes over and invades his personal space by poking him or rolling up against him. Which I'm pretty sure turns him off to being put down on the floor to play the next time. (See why I am frustrated?) He is not yet sitting up on his own, but we have been able to put him on our backs in the Ergo (where he falls asleep). I can get a little relief this way, do some chores while he is safe and happy. Here he is at his first Clemson football game. Jordan was so happy.

Jordan, by the way, is working hard. Being awesome as always. Wants to get a motorcycle soon. He is taking two classes this fall in addition to working full-time. Luckily he just made it through a stressful period at work, the start of fall classes. There's a lot for an IT guy to do around that time!

And me? I've been loving my serger lately. I have mastered cleaning, oiling and threading it and have sewn a bunch of projects. There are half a dozen in my head right now that I want to do. Maybe I'll get to some of them today. I crave order and space but can't seem to get it. A garage to store a few things would be so amazing right now. But the good news? We are getting hard floors in our living room and dining room! Beautiful bamboo ones, probably, and you have no idea how happy I am to be getting rid of this terrible, horrible, no-good, very dirty carpet. Next weekend! I will do a more detailed post with pictures of my sewing projects later.

So that's what we're doing around here! Now I'm off to clean, sew, and enjoy the weekend with my family. Hope you're having a good one too!