Sunday, June 26, 2011

Upcycled wool mustache

I'd been thinking for a while that upcycled wool would make a pretty nice mustache. Today I tried it and I was right! I used an old wool coat I bought at the Goodwill clearance center, but it would work with a tightly felted sweater, too.

I cut out a classic mustache shape and tied a loop on either side to go around the ears of the wearer. If you make the loops too small it'll look like you have cat whiskers in addition to a mustache. Suzi's needs to be loosened a bit but she was ready to wear it. Right now she is sitting on the couch watching a movie, wearing her mustache. Actually, she may never take it off again! Boy was that a cheap toy!

I bought a small green Vera Bradley bag at a thrift store and I'm going to make her a master of disguise kit. I'll put a few different styles of mustaches/beards in it, and some accessories like hats and glasses. And maybe a bubble pipe. What else can I put in it? She won't want girly stuff. I meant to do it for her birthday but just got too busy!


Anonymous said...

how wonderful looks like fun. How about an eye patch and groucho marx eyebrows.