Saturday, May 7, 2011

A craft for Mother's Day

I saw a photo on a blog of a birthstone tree of life necklace yesterday and loved it. It cost $200 though! So I went to my favorite local craft shop and bought some sterling wire, crystals and a little pearl to represent our birthstones, plus mother of pearl for the top. Before Jordan got home from work I'd finished these. It wasn't that hard and I enjoyed doing something special for our moms.

Then I took some of the leftover stuff and made myself the teeny one at the top of this post with a "moon" in it. Yep, I made myself a Mother's Day gift. I'm wearing it right now. I think it turned out okay but I really want to try this again later.

After I'd already completed three of these, I googled and found this awesome tutorial at Cut Out + Keep. Now I really will have to try it again, because this lady has it all figured out and I so appreciate her sharing it.

They were fun to make. I'd highly recommend trying it!


Jenn said...

I love this!

steph said...

Yours turned out really beautiful. such an awesome project for mother's day. what did you use for the main circle?

Jenny said...

Steph--I used thicker sterling wire and just formed it into a circle. I've seen some examples where people have done this and twisted it together to make a loop at the top to hang from a chain. I put mine together at the bottom and covered it up with the tree "roots." Next time I'd like to get a larger gauge of round, hard wire but this square one was what they had available at the local shop.

CJ said...

Those are gorgeous!!