Monday, February 7, 2011

When we get sick it takes at least two weeks to recover

Jordan came down with a horrible cold last Sunday. I am guessing it probably came from work. He does computer support, and people's keyboards are disgusting as you probably know. So he stayed home from work Monday with a fever and all, and slept until 11:00. I tried my best to keep the kids off him. He had it all week long and is just now starting to get over it. His grandmother died last week and it was awful for him having to go through that loss, and the funeral and everything, feeling awful with a cold and fever. We probably would have stayed at his parents' longer but because he was sick and I wasn't feeling great either we decided to come home Friday night. It was good to be home and we didn't really do anything Saturday.

I realized yesterday that Ivey and I definitely had it and today we both feel disgusting. Suzi is coming down with it too, but right now it's just a bad runny nose. This morning we went to get our taxes done (which cheered me up, I must say!) but then I dropped Jordan back at work and picked Suzi up from my mom and dad's and at that point it was only about 10:00 and I have the whooooole day to look forward to snot, snot and more snot. Sneeze-rocket snot from Ivey. Plus grumpiness. Plus fighting sisters. I usually put a movie on for Suzi when this happens, like I just did, but Ivey doesn't watch TV. She does, however, love to turn the TV on and off so that while I am in the kitchen trying to heat up some chicken and rice soup, Suzi is yelling "Mommy! Mommy!!! The TV is off! Okay now it's on! Ack! It's off! Help help!" And then Ivey leaves the TV alone but doesn't waste any time finding something else to get into.

This is our third crappy week. Week before last we weren't sick but we had to waste a bunch of time at the DMV on two different days doing paperwork on our cars. I'd really like to get back to our normal schedule, and get my normal stuff done. Since I am now 32 weeks pregnant it's time to start working on things for the birth! I'd even love to go to a playgroup, but quite honestly, once my family is feeling good again I'll be afraid to attend too big a meeting. There are always seven or eight sippy cups sitting around at those and Ivey thinks it is her duty to have a drink from all of them. As fun as it is for me to chase her around making her cry by snatching other kids' cups away, boy oh boy is it easier to just stay home.

And I know most everyone is going through this same type of thing, and it is just this time of year. I am so sick of winter. It sucks. And on that note, I'm off to see how little I can get away with doing until Jordan gets home at 5:00.

Update: Suzi has it bad. Poor little girl! Fever, hoarse voice, puffy eyes, snot. Jordan is putting her in bed right now, and I just hope she feels better in the morning :-(