Saturday, August 7, 2010

The to-do list swirling through my head

Fun stuff only...

1) Learn more about embroidery. Yesterday I jumped in by taking a piece of fabric and a little embroidery floss I had, sketching a little butterfly and stitching it on. It didn't turn out as I'd envisioned, but I learned the stitch I needed with the help of these helpful instructions. This is a good example of how I learn best by jumping in and trying! I want to learn to embroider funny sayings on pillows, and I also think sketching something and then embroidering over it looks really cool. It would be a fun way to add a little something to plain articles of clothing.

Don't laugh, it was my first try

2) Finish reading The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child. I'm on Chapter Six, which details how the homeschooling models they previously covered work in real life. Next I'm going to try out some of the activities I will read about with Suzi, see what she enjoys, and put some of them into our routine. Next up on my reading list: Homeschooling: The Early Years and one of the John Holt books but I can't decide which one. I'm already sold on homeschooling, so I'd rather read a book focused more on what, how and when than on why.

3) Learn how to crochet a hat, you know, like one of those slouchy, floppy berets. I want one of those and I want to make it myself. I bought some grey wool yarn at a yard sale and have had dreams about crocheting hats from it. One for me, maybe one for Jordan in a different style.

4) Bake chocolate chip cookies with Suzi.

5) Think of things I can make for Christmas gifts. There must be something I can learn to make for just about everyone, right? What are some good ideas of things to make for guys? Jordan likes to make things too, so maybe working together we can get everybody covered.

6) Get Suzi a big piece of poster board and some paints, dress both of us in old clothes, take her out in the yard and let her paint the paper, herself, and me. Maybe we'll make it a family activity. The other day while I wasn't looking she colored her hands and arms with markers (see picture in my sidebar) and ever since then I've thought this would be her dream art project.

7) Make a t-shirt quilt--a soft and cuddly recycling art project!

8) Make a book about Ivey's homebirth for my girls. When I got pregnant with Ivey I got a couple of books about a new baby to read to Suzi. When I opened them, though, I was constantly interjecting. "Suzi, this is what it'll be like when your little sister is born! Except you won't have to wait three days for us to come home from the hospital. And we won't feed Ivey a bottle. And she won't sleep in a crib. Or use a pacifier." These books ended up being more confusing than helpful. There are already some good books out there, such as We're Having a Homebirth!! but I want to write my own to read to my kids and make it more anecdotal and specific to us. I basically have it written already. Now if I could just draw some decent pictures...

Setting a deadline for these things would be stupid, but I wanted to make this list, if for no other reason than to remind myself I want to do these things! What's on your to-do list?


Lauren Wayne said...

What a fun list! I might have to steal the painting idea. And I totally want to read your book when you're done. Maybe a homemade gift for a guy could be something edible? Let me know if you get any good ideas.