Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretty cool guy

I meant to do a post for Father's Day, but it was a stressful time and I didn't get it done. Actually, I didn't get much of anything done. But here are some pictures of Jordan and Ivey (at the Celtic rock concert at the Highland Games).

He changes lots of diapers and doesn't complain. He holds Ivey and does the Daddy Dance to get her to sleep at night when she's cranky. He cuddles with her in bed so I can roll over, and when I've had a hard day he puts Ivey in the Ergo so I can take a break. (Jordan is better at babywearing than I am!) He brushes Suzi's teeth and "goes to work to get money." (I didn't tell Suzi he made money because I didn't want her to get the idea that her Daddy printed counterfeit bills for a living.) Last summer he was so supportive during Ivey's homebirth and then he encapsulated my placenta all by himself. He insisted on doing it and said it was no big deal.

Yep, Daddy is a pretty cool guy. We love him.