Friday, June 18, 2010

Crafted since Saturday

Plus more.

And believe me, there was plenty of opposition.

Today I caught her with four of Suzi's raisins stuffed in her mouth.
(Those are a no-no for Ivey.)
I love her but she drives me crazy.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are clearly on a roll! I love your finished projects.

(And I am extremely familiar with that sort of opposition myself. EXTREMELY.)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love the bird mobile! are they on etsy? i would like to get one for the office!
you're such a root in my tree... i need another reminder besides the beautiful belly bowl. plus, i am a sucker for mobiles.
have you checked out her blog is beautiful and she sells lovely paper mobiles and garlands on etsy under the name royal buffet.
love, love.

Anonymous said...

i love them all, though... don't get me wrong. you are a wonder, lady!

do you happen to have the stuff for 3 or 4 rice socks for warming? i can help you make/put them together and/or pay for materials and time.