Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Black-Eyed Suzi

I am pretty ticked off right now. I'm supposed to be walking every day (or, let's get real, every two or three days) during this pregnancy. For Ivey and Ivey's birth. But Suzi is being a gremlin right now. I told her we were going outside and she got excited. I changed her diaper and she even let me take her apron off of her and wipe the after-lunch chocolate off her face. All systems were go... until I started walking toward the front door and she ran to the back. Then we realized we were going to have a difference of opinion.

Suzi: Nooooooo, I wan go in da backyad!

Me: I'm sorry, we're going for a walk right now. But if you bring your bag you can collect sticks and rocks and...

Suzi: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHuuuhuuuuh, huuuuhuuuuuu... (tears streaming down pitifully)

Me: We can go in the backyard later, but right now we're going for a walk. (I picked her up and carried her out, hoping she'd find an interesting leaf or something in the driveway and forget our argument.)

Suzi: NOOOOOO! (Lies down on the front walk, continues crying.)

Me: Suzi, Mama needs to go for a walk right now, and she can't do that in the backyard. Now would you rather go for a walk or sit inside?

Suzi: (Heck, I don't know. Apparently she'd rather sit inside. Probably just to spite me.)

So, anyway, that's where we are right now. Yes, I could have just caved and taken her in the backyard, but I didn't want to go in the poopy old yard and watch her play. I wanted to go for a walk, and I thought kids were supposed to enjoy walking!

And to add injury to insult, this morning she was running around with the stick that came with her xylophone and either fell or bumped into something and hurt her face with it. She now has a black eye, and it looks like I slugged her, but I didn't. (I was doing the dishes when it happened.) That'll be fun to explain to all the nosy strangers who enquire about it for the next three days!

Maybe she will be more agreeable after an afternoon nap. I think I might put my little Fussymuggins in the stroller and see if she'll fall asleep in the sunshine while I get some exercise.


MaryAnne said...

pregnancy with a toddler in tow - always an adventure...

Beth said...

There must be something in the air that is making all toddlers pitch fits! Elaina throws crying tantrums at least daily lately!

Vicky said...

LOL Welcome to my world. Along with the black eyes and bruises that we really don't know where they exactly came from. If this is her first black are doing good. I think both of my boys have had about a 1/2 dozen each and Nolan just had one last month.

They are good at tantrums.

MaryAnne said...

To answer your skirt question, the one I made is an under-the-belly skirt, but I could have changed it a little to make it an above-the-belly one, so you should be able to use the one you have as a pattern.

Hobo Mama said...

Ha ha! Even your more verbally advanced toddler has the same script as my boy during a tantrum. "No" and "Uh" are his two favorite sounds! And, I agree, any little frustration in their world can set them off. The other day Mikko threw a fit because he wanted to hold the Chinese food we'd just picked up on the drive home. Which was fine, once I figured out what bizarre thing he wanted ... until he dropped it and then started screaming again. Sigh. I started passing back fortune cookies to calm him down! :)

And our child routinely goes out in public with cuts and bruises on his face and arms. If they're particularly dramatic slashes, I tell people they're dueling scars. Maybe you can tell people she's training as a boxer.