Monday, January 26, 2009


Saturday, Suzi was playing with her doll in the van when she inexplicably put the doll's nose and part of her face in her mouth. After slobbering on her a bit, she pulled the doll back at arm's length and looked sadly into her wet eyes. "Aww, cry baby?" she said. "I shorry." Then she gave the doll a hug and patted her on the back.

And a little public service announcement: If you are one of those inconsiderate people who spit your gum out anywhere in public, please get a clue and find a trash can! Today on my way into work I slipped on the very shiny floor in the lobby and could have seriously hurt myself. Luckily, I think I will just have black and blue knees for a few days. When we looked to see what I slipped on, it was a piece of gum that probably stuck to my shoe from the sidewalk on my way in. Gum + slight dampness = SLICK. It's a good thing it wasn't an elderly person or one of the very pregnant women who are so frequently walking through here. So the moral of the story is: If you are too lazy to walk to a trash can, just save yourself the trouble and BUY MINTS, you jerk.

Have a nice day!


Kelly said...

WOW...I'm glad you didn't get hurt. That could have really been bad. I know what you mean about the gum. Well actually all trash. i hate to see people just deliberately toss out something, that they could have easily waited until they got home to get rid of.

Hobo Mama said...

And what is it with people who smoke thinking that tossing a cigarette on the ground isn't litter?

I love the doll story!

Jess said...

Isn't it so cool to watch them play with thier dolls? Today Sara (2) put her baby in the chair and gave her a spinny ride.
I wanted to attempt to email you but it wouldn't work. My question for you is if you would make another baby sling (child size) for Sara. I think she would love it!
Thanks so much -Jesse

Theresa said...

Hey, don't blame me. I swallow my gum!