Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You have a right to blow carcinogens in my face, but...

Our babies don't have the right to EAT?

I just called Denny's in Asheville, not to blast the unsuspecting employee who answered, but simply to ask this:

Do you have a smoking section?

And the answer was yes.

So, basically, adult persons with a completely unnecessary and harmful habit have the right to smoke in front of everyone, including children, and blow it all over the restaurant. Because let's face it: smoke never wants to stay in its "section," does it? It's sort of airborne that way.

In this same restaurant where children are expected to breathe harmful smoke while they eat their eggs, it's just UNHEARD OF for a person to be asked to turn her head if she doesn't want to see a mom breastfeeding. These so-called Christians can come out of church and head over to Denny's for lunch where they judge, harass, and complain about an innocent mother just trying to nurse her child. And then their actions will be supported and rewarded by the establishment.

Remind me NEVER to go to Denny's again.

Here's the full story if you missed it. This took place in Asheville, NC where there are laws protecting breastfeeding in public. Denny's decided they just didn't care.


Cheryl Lage said...

In my experience, Denny's has shown poor judgment on SOOO many issues (racial discrimination on the part of their servers, and just generally poor service beyond that...if there NEEDS to be a beyond that...) adding your examples to the mix, I truly don't anticipate darkening their doorstep anytime soon. (I get bars and less "family" oriented restaurants retaining a smoking section...that's fine by me, but to try to have a kids' menu AND smoking? So done!)

Vicky said...

I WON'T HAVE TO BE REMINDED NOT TO EAT THERE. This really makes mr angry!

Melissa said...

We only eat in smoke free places. I understand your frstration, they are being so ridiculous