Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Monk-Mee and Frosty talk about

I don't know, but Suzi was facilitating a serious conversation between them on our way back from Asheville Sunday.

Once we left the nurse-in discussion we had just enough time to drop by this awesome shop called The Littlest Birds. I think that is where Beth got her cloth diapers, so knowing it was there I looked it up. I was like a kid in a candy shop, so you can imagine how Suzi was. They had stacks of gorgeous wooden toys that were calling both our names. They had carriers, Plan Toys, a ton of cloth diapers... And we had less than 30 minutes to look, because they were closing at 4:00!

Suzi and Jordan looked around while I asked the lady working there a bunch of questions about CDing a newborn (I've never done it; we started Suzi when she was eight months old). She recommended Kissaluvs, which I liked but couldn't justify buying new. I ended up with Snappis, some newborn prefolds, a couple of Bummis covers (below) and a ProRap. We will see how they handle newborn blowouts and then look into buying more of whichever diaper cover emerges victorious. They're pretty though, huh?

Suzi fell in love with a Plan Toy drum, but it was $20 and we decided to wait on that. It may make a nice Easter or birthday gift. We will definitely be returning to The Littlest Birds at least once before August. She was sad she wasn't getting her drum, but I spotted a cute little snowman I knew she would love (on clearance, too) and that cheered her up. She'd been such a sweet girl all day and deserved a little something.

Especially when you consider what I got. In a pile on the bottom of the clearance shelf I spotted a beautiful fire-toned Storchenwiege wrap. I'd admired Julie's at babywearing, but never thought I'd get one because they retail for over $100! Well, this one had been marked down three times and the final price was $52! You can scarcely find a used one for that. My collection shrunk a little recently when I sold two hotslings to a new mom, so if you think about it I'm just trading up and diversifying. Just to be sure I'd gotten a good deal, I searched for one on eBay when I got home and found this. It's the same wrap I got and sold for about $46.50 (it was already sold, so I couldn't have gotten it for that). The listing was in German so I couldn't tell what the seller had said about it. It was used though, and they charged the winner 19 Euros to ship it from Hamburg to the UK--and that wouldn't have been a good deal for me. Therefore, this is one impulse buy I don't regret! The colors are perfect for a summer baby. I tried it out once with Suzi, but I'll need some help later figuring it out with a newborn.


Beth said...

What a beautiful wrap! Didn't you just love that store?!? Even though we didn't continue with cloth diapering...that store was so much fun to shop in! And they're very nice...I got there as they were closing and they still let me in and made me take my time :-)

MaryAnne said...

My German isn't great, but I'm pretty sure the listing says that the wrap is about 12 months old and she's selling it because her baby is too big for it :)

It is a gorgeous wrap, and sounds like you got a great deal. I'm curious to hear how you like the diapers you got as I'm still trying to decide how to diaper baby #3. Have you used snappis before?