Friday, February 13, 2009

If you don't support breastfeeding in public...

You DON'T support breastfeeding. Period.

I'm sorry, I know I have made quite a few preachy posts about breastfeeding already. I just want to post this one while it's on my mind today, and then I'll try to dig up some cute pictures of Suzi or a list of things I'm thankful for :-)

If you don't support breastfeeding in public, please stop lying and saying you are in favor of moms nursing their kids in private. You can't ride the fence like that!

If you really supported moms nursing their babies, you wouldn't be so disgusted by it as to insist it only be done out-of-sight.

If a mom needed help with her latch or position, you'd never be able to help her because you are so immature you'd faint dead away at the sight of her nipples.

If you support nursing but not in public, you must be in favor of one of the following:
A) babies going hungry for hours at a time
B) moms never leaving their homes and being shunned like second-class citizens
C) dining in restrooms and other disgusting, uncomfortable places.

Any of those sound good to you?

If moms don't breastfeed in public, how will future mothers figure out that it's the right thing to do? How will they identify with anyone or find help when they need it?

It makes no sense! So please, don't say "I'm all for breastfeeding BUT." Just say you'd prefer if all moms formula fed for your own selfish comfort and be done with it.

Anybody going to the nurse-ins, by the way? I've never been to one and was thinking of going to Asheville if no one will be at any of our local Denny's restaurants. It's 1:00 pm on Sunday, February 22nd. Jordan even said he would go with me. He's a prince :-) (See, that's one positive thing I said in this post!)


Maggie said...

I will not be able to breast feed my children due to extensive surgery. I do, however, think a breast feeding mother is beautiful, intimate thing--witnessing such an event is an honour.

You are right about teaching future mothers what's right. I agree completely.

Ginny Marie said...

I have nursed my babies in restaurants, at the park, at the zoo.... It is ridiculous to discourage moms from feeding their children in public!

I agree completely!

Hobo Mama said...

Thank you & amen!! This is such common sense to me. It's sad that not everybody sees it that way.

Rissa said...

I seriously can't even imagine what I'd do if someone actually had the nerve to ask me to not breastfeed in front of them. It's an outrageous notion and this whole Denny's story really makes me mad!! Agghhh!

The nurse-in thing is a great idea :)

And in response to your comment (because I wasn't sure if you'd check back to that post to see if I'd responded), yes, I drink coffee while pregnant. My midwife is of the opinion that one cup per day is all right - however, I don't drink it every day. On the days that I have it in the morning, if I decide I'd like some more later on, I always have decaf. I personally feel the effects of coffee VERY strongly :) so I don't really like to have more than one caffeinated cup per day even when I'm not pregnant (although sometimes it DOES happen).

When I was first pregnant, I mostly avoided coffee and went for a tasty, spicy Good Earth black tea. It gave me a little kick in the morning, but wasn't quite as strong as coffee.

As far as my views on caffeine and pregnancy, hmm...let's just say that I realize caffeine is not necessary to my health, but I believe it's okay in thoughtful moderation.

Hope that helps!

Velvet Sweatpants said...

Preach it, sister! Nursing is nursing is nursing!

Thankfully, I never got an evil stare or harsh word when I was nursing in public. I remember a woman saying how wonderful it was that I was nursing my son in a busy outdoor mall during Christmastime...that was lovely.

Marketing Mama said...

I really liked this post - I never thought of it quite that way before. I've been in favor of nursing in public.... as long as I've been nursing.

I was never really around anyone nursing - let alone in public - before I needed to breastfeed my own children. I remember my few encounters with women in public nursing their children - I was uncomfortable adnd didn't really know what to think. I agree that if more women nursed in public, it would help normalize it more...

Thanks for the post!

Rachel said...

I helped normalize nursing today. I hoped that the 7(?) year old girl saw and remembers.

MaryAnne said...

Great post, I completely agree. I'm amazed at how many nursing moms I've met who think that it's inappropriate to nurse in public.

half pint pixie said...

**Nodding in agreement** very well said!

baby carriers backpacks said...

Amen!! Don't hold anything back. There is absolutely noting wrong and everything right about a mother feeding her baby when she needs to, no matter where they are!!!