Friday, February 1, 2008

A nice little round head looks good in hats

I've recently taken up crocheting, which is way easier for me than knitting. All I can make is hats so far. Here's my first one, which is a hat "for a hero." (Read more about it on my mom's blog here.) This hat fits an adult, but I thought it'd be cute to let Suzi wear it and take her picture.

And here's the hat I made for Suzi. I used variegated yarn, and I loved watching one color after another come across the hook. I usually get tired of working with the same old colors, but that didn't happen on this hat. I'm a little proud of it. I know it's only a simple little hat--just let me have my moment.

I'm pleased that hats look good on Suzi. I don't have a head for hats, but Jordan has a nice little round head and Suzi took after him. We knew she was going to have his head shape after the first ultrasound when I was ten weeks pregnant.


Theresa said...

Great job on Suzi's hat! The colors are fantastic. I don't have a head for hats, either. Mine is big and square, and no one makes square hats!