Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Excuse me... I asked for a Mei Tai?"

And that's what Grandma made. (The quote is from the movie Office Space, which you should see.) Today Suzi and I went to the babywearing meeting at the library and (unlike last month) she was crawling all over the place! I borrowed a handmade Mei Tai carrier from Julie and my mom and I made one like it. I spent a lot of money on all my slings and this was free but I like it better! I think Suzi does too. It's our color (lavender) and the straps are made of vintage fabric that belonged to my great-grandmother! (I come from a long line of fabric hoarders.) This carrier distributes baby's weight evenly over both shoulders and since it goes around your waist it puts less strain on your back. Not quite as easy to maneuver as my slings, but I'm still learning. Right now I need help getting Suzi into it.

Also at the meeting I learned about cloth diapers, and not a moment too soon. I didn't realize I'd put her diaper on slightly wrong (the edges were out) and she peed through onto her outfit. Luckily her buddy Jackson let her borrow some clothes, because I left her spare ones lying on the high chair. Just when you think you have everything, the thing you need most is not in the bag.

We also got some Bumgenius diapers, which we weren't expecting, but Carey was selling hers and we needed some (and we got a good deal I might add). We can't wait to try them! The ones we have now are a little small for Suzi. Ebay has halted sales of used cloth diapers (booooo!) so they are hard to find at a discount. (I mean, come on, eBay. It's not like we don't wash them.) Nope, they don't allow used DIAPERS, but used socks for the purpose of satisfying a fetish is fine. If you find this woman's socks sexy, you're more than welcome to buy them! I'll bet she makes good money pimping out her feet. They also allow used breastpump sales. (Don't get me started.) Evidently eBay is more concerned about what goes on our babies' butts than what goes into their bodies.


Jules said...

Oh my goodness! You made that TODAY! Wow. I know who to call when I need some sewing. That looks so beautiful!

Julie said...

Suzi looks happy in her new Mei Tai. Maybe I'll have time to get ours made today. I was just thinking that a piece of pre-quilted fabric might be nice for one side of the seat part. It would give it a little more body. I'll see what I can come up with from my stash..

Vicky said...

LOL... you made me laugh with the whole EBAY thing. I was reading it and thought she is going to mention the breastpump thing. You make perfect sense on thqat whole issue. The Mei Tai is beautiful! I can't wait to see how your mom's turns out!

Beth said...

That looks great! I almost went to the babywearing meeting yesterday so we would have met! The mei tai is my absolutely favorite wrap that I have....Elaina and I have started taking walks with the dogs and she rides on my back in it. I may have to convince you to make me another one :-) (with payment of course) could make good money selling those!
(and I see where you're coming from with the breast pumps...although it hurts my feelings that my pump may sit unused forever without ever being used again!)

Janet Lee said...

I'm glad Jackson and I could help out with the outfit. That mei tai looks great! I just noticed you knit and crochet, too. You need to make Suzi some soakers or shorties! Here's a link with a bunch of patterns, some free:
Soaker Patterns
You can use them right over the prefolds (don't need another cover).