Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Saturday to relax (and enjoy my new skates!)

I woke up first. Ivey must have sensed it, because pretty soon I heard Daaaddyyyyy! Jordan almost always gets up with them. Robert keeps me awake a lot wanting to nurse, so he lets me sleep in. But today it was definitely his turn. I went downstairs with Ivey, and not long after that Suzi and Robert woke up. I heard Robert whining and had to run and grab him out of our bed.

Robert peed in the little potty--hooray! I started coffee. Buttered toast for the kids. Finished washing diapers. Did dishes. Baked this awesome zucchini bread. Suzi saw me grating the zucchini and I admitted to her that I was using it to make the bread, and she still loved it. I mean, yes, it has sugar in it. But still. Where vegetables are concerned Suzi is usually all yeee-uck! Ivey pokes at it and says "I jus don't wike dis," and Robert chucks it in the floor. But they all ate this bread and I was a hero.

Then my dog who is bigger than any of my kids climbed up in my lap for a hug. Finally around 10:30 Jordan woke up and realized his Blu-Ray drive he got for Father's Day had just arrived in the mail and we could both see it was going to be a good, good day.

I have my own skates now. Yesterday Jordan took off work and my mom kept the girls so we could drive two hours to Atlanta to buy them. After talking with them three times on the phone, we visited Skate Escape and this really cool guy named Baby helped me find the perfect skates. I am so glad I didn't order them off a website, because my feet are very particular and I needed help and to try several different pairs on. I didn't end up with the ones I had in mind. The ones I got, Riedell Sparks, were a little more expensive, but I think they're worth it because they fit me better (firm, narrow heel but soft in the toes) and the soles are sewn on rather than just glued so hopefully they'll last longer. Also, they lace all the way to the toes. This will allow me to lace them looser or tighter all the way down, so they aren't falling off my feet and also aren't cutting off my circulation. Numb toes and hurting feet have been a problem for me with rented/borrowed skates. Either that or the skates one size up were slipping and wobbly. But no more.

I got knee and elbow pads and wrist guards, too. Had to wait on the helmet. Baby adjusted my skates and showed me how to loosen the wheels a bit when I'm ready. If we'd ordered online we would've had to pay shipping anyway, so I highly recommend making the trip to Skate Escape if you need skates and are even sort of nearby Atlanta. They are great.

Last night I had fun skating around our house, doing laundry and stuff in my skates. (I didn't go upstairs, though!) They feel so awesome. I love them. I wanted to take them to the rink today, but that would've messed up our relaxing Saturday. Right now Robert is napping, Jordan is mowing the lawn, and the girls are jumping on the trampoline. We'll go somewhere tomorrow, but today it's a beautiful Saturday, just hanging out here at home! Sometimes I almost forget how much I like it here.

Home is where the heart is.
Especially when the kitchen sink is empty.