Sunday, June 24, 2012


Suzi has been enthusiastically drawing rainbows lately. She loves to use markers and draw all the colors in the proper order. The other day she was sitting at her desk, singing a little song and drawing. Then she held up a bluish-greenish marker and asked "Mom, is this followby?" I wasn't sure what she was talking about, so she went on to explain. "You know, like in the song! Red, orange, yellow, then green, followby, blue! Indigo and violet, that's a rainbow soooong for you!"

It's a song she learned from The Cat in the Hat on TV. I explained that it was actually followed by. I think followby should be a color, though. It would be beautiful.

This is also posted at my homeschool blog, Pajama Party Academy, along with a little more about what we are (or aren't!) doing with homeschool right now. Check it out!


Lauren Wayne said...

I love this. We know that song as well, and I agree that followby should be a color. :)