Sunday, July 27, 2008

Because you'd hate to waste all that coffee

Do you have several cups of leftover coffee in the pot? Don't pour it down the sink! Here's what you can do with it. My mom gave me the idea and I refined it (although I'm probably not the first person to try this). Thanks Mama!

Before you leave for work, pour the coffee into a glass container--preferably the glass from which you plan to drink it later--duh! Why didn't I think of that in the first place?

Add Irish Cream, Bailey's if you can afford it (as much as we consume, we have to buy the cheap stuff, but it's still good). It's up to you how much you add, but I keep pouring until it's about this color. Stir.

Stick it in the freezer. Just be sure to leave enough space at the top of the container for the coffee to expand a bit as it freezes. You don't want it to run over!

When you come home from work you will have an iced coffee drink that tastes like it came from Starbucks! Alcohol doesn't freeze, so no matter how long your day is it won't be a solid brick. 90% second wind, 10% buzz--perfect if you've had a hard day! Reddi Whip and favorite magazine are optional.


GrandmaKathleen said...

What a sensational use of leftover coffee. I am definitely going to try it, but I will need to find how many grams of sugar in the added liquor.

I usually just add skim milk to my leftover coffee and a scoop of 0 grams coffee ice cream and some ice cubes and blend them into a refreshing coffee frappe.

Lauren P said...

Great idea!

Emily said...

OMG awesome suggestion! I think you just made my Monday (tomorrow) a little sweeter!

Beth said...

Oh Jenny! You just made my day!! I will definitely be trying this one!! (just have to figure out how to go to the liquor store with a child....hmmm...something just doesn't seem right about that)

Jenny said...

Ha ha! We've been to the liquor store several times with Suzi. How else are we going to get there? I usually carry her in a sling so she's not running around grabbing at bottles. It does make us feel better to go to a nice one like Scrooge's!