Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Excellent day for sewing

Today I did a lot of sewing, mostly on little Christmas gifts. My mom taught me how and eventually I'll post pictures and tell more about them, but not now. There are people getting them for Christmas who may be reading. I also worked on Suzi's quilt. The quilt has been a long and sometimes tedious process but I've enjoyed it, except for mitering the corners on the binding. The fabric is so thick in the corners that I'm having trouble getting it folded in correctly, and I'm not even sure I'm doing that right! The book I'm using simply said "fold the fabric in to make mitered corners." (Wow, thanks a bunch!) So if anybody has tips for me, I'd love to hear them. The corner I've already attempted to finish wouldn't fold into a 90 degree angle, so it came out puckered and won't lay flat. If I do the others and they end up better, I'll probably rip that one out and do it over. I always keep a seam ripper handy because I have to use it every 15 minutes! Hopefully Suzi won't hold uneven corners against me as this is my first real quilt. I'm hoping to finish it in a couple of days and I'll post pictures then!

Here are our latest pictures of Suzi. She's sporting her adorable BabyLegs in red and white stripes, which I think are my favorites so far. She has about ten pairs but these are perfect for Christmas! She went to our local Hallmark store with her grandparents wearing these and one of the ladies told her she looked like an ornament! Ha ha! She kind of does.


Stephanie Precourt said...

She is precious!! I have been a busy bee finishing up some Christmas gifts. Almost done!! And thanks for stopping by- your blog is adorable!