Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cleaning night!

I meant to write a long, nosy story on my blog tonight, but instead I had three cups of coffee and cleaned for about five hours. The house looks great though--I even vacuumed, so if anyone wants to come over now would be a great time! The house has to look awesome for Christmas morning, because my parents and my grandma are going to come see Baby Suzi open her gifts from Santa. I do want my grandma to be impressed.

I also have a cute picture. My mom sent it to me, and she said it was Suzi "singing to Santa." This Santa, by the way, is the one from Polar Express and he has the bell in one hand and if you squeeze the other hand he says "remember--the spirit of Christmas lies in your heart." Suzi loves him!

Next time I may talk about why women shouldn't share breast pumps, an issue that's been bothering me lately. We'll see. Good night!