Saturday, November 3, 2007

That name is taken

I'm the kind of person who enjoys being different. I don't want anyone to have the same idea, same name, same anything as me. Before I named my daughter I combed through top name lists from the past ten years or so and made damn sure I didn't go anywhere near one of those. My name is Jenny, and I spent a sadly substantial part of my formal education trying to figure out if the teacher was talking to me or one of the other Jennies. (Thanks, Mom.) My husband and I chose the name Suzi for our daughter (short for Suzanne), because it is unique and, while it may sound old-fashioned and quirky, we feel she can carry it off.

Naming my blog was therefore a challenge. I wanted it to be baby-related because I will mostly write about my daughter, so the first thing I tried was "The Thinking Chair." At our house, the thinking chair refers to my daughter's bouncy seat or swing when she is using it to facilitate a bowel movement. (When trying to poop, she looks like she is thinking real hard.) This name was taken. It irks me when I can't seem to come up with an original thought.

I named the blog Babyfingers because they are my favorite. There is nothing like having your baby reach her sweet little spitty fingers up and touch your face, or wrap them around your thumb. Those little fingers will grow to do important things, but right now they are usually stuck in her mouth or curled up beside her head as she sleeps. They remind me of why I went through the pain of childbirth. And after all that, it's lucky the name wasn't taken.