Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mommy's smashed toe

The other night I was trying to wrap gifts in our little bedroom/office/junk room. I started to walk past the bed and didn't see the hidden wet erase board leaning against it and pretty much smashed my toe on it. (My second toe, not the big one.) It was so painful. My DH Jordan came running because I was screaming and when I sat down and looked I realized I had broken the nail all the way down and it was bleeding--you know, one of those. Jordan was trying to help me but I was so angry because it was his stupid wet erase board that did it, so I started yelling at him about the clutter and said a lot of ugly things I didn't mean, like that I wish all our stuff in the storage unit would be destroyed in a natural disaster. I was sobbing over my toe, and my mascara ran and I looked and sounded like a scary witch! Luckily Baby Suzi was downstairs and didn't hear all this because she would've thought Mommy was crazy.

You may have heard of Flylady. She helps women (and sometimes men) get their houses into order "one babystep at a time." (Look her up here.) It really does bring you peace to have a clean house. I had been doing great on Flylady's system for a couple of months but fell off the wagon when we tried to clean our cluttery storage unit and I got overwhelmed. I unintentionally violated one of her rules: Don't take out more than you can put back in one hour. It's a shame my poor innocent toenail had to die for me to realize I need to start FLYing again. So, Flylady, here's another one for you: Clutter is DANGEROUS! My husband helped me last night and we jumped back in where we were. I'm going to keep my sink shined from now on and try to remember to do my 27 fling boogie every day.


Lily Pad Mom said...

Ouch, I hope your toe is feeling better. I did that recently in the dark as well, only I couldn't yell because our house had just been broken into and my DH was downstairs checking it out. I didn't want to scare him.

I've heard good things about Flylady, I think I will have to go check it out.