Friday, November 27, 2009

Silly little ornament

While decorating the tree the other day, I came across this baby's first Christmas ornament. Can you guess what I'm going to complain about?

Why does this baby bear need a bottle and a pacifier at once? I know bottles and pacifiers have become cultural symbols of babyhood, but both of them? Really? I mentioned this to Jordan and he said "You're right. They should've put a breast on the ornament instead." Okay, point taken. But still.

Maybe I will make my own breastfeeding-friendly baby's first Christmas ornament. For us, breastfeeding has been an important part of Christmas in years past. It helps to calm babies and toddlers during an overwhelming and stressful day. Will post photos of the ornament if I am successful (and maybe even if I'm not).


Anonymous said...

This sort of thing irritates me, too. The thing is that neither a bottle nor a pacifier are even necessary. You could opt for a diaper or rattle or something like that, get the message across, and not continue to promulgate the idea that artificial nipples are expected and necessary. No political statement is necessary here, and you can still have a cute ornament.