Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thank God it's naptime

It's been a long day already.  The kids were on from the moment they woke up, so I've had to be on too.  All day long.  The homeschooling we did this morning was like pulling teeth.  Of course, it's not Suzi's fault that Robert and Ivey are so loud and distracting!  Hard to do math with those two in the background.  We got a lot done, though, and now the kids have had a good lunch and are having naptime.  I'm not sure if they are all really asleep.  None of them are bothering me.  That is the best part.

There's been a change of plans on the Halloween costumes.  Jordan's parents recently sent us home with a big sack of old costumes.  I sorted through and washed them last night, and the girls were thrilled.  Here they are trying on a couple of their favorites.  These are not the ones they will probably be wearing for Halloween, though.  Suzi wants to be Robin Hood, and now Ivey wants to be a bat.  Yep, there was a cool bat costume in the bag!  All I have to do is repair a few little things, like velcro, and buy or make a bow and arrow for Suzi.

These are going to save me a ton of time, and that's awesome, because I've got so many other projects I'd like to finish before Halloween other than the costumes!



Amber Strocel said...

Super-cute costumes!