Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Mosa

Four random things for the fourth:

1)  Suzi picked up some seed pods in my parents' yard and took them to my mom, wanting to know what they were.  My mom told her, in her southern accent, "those are mimosa seeds."  While we were over at their house yesterday, Suzi came running up to me with a little bucket of seed pods, and proudly told me "these are Grandma's mosa seeds!"  Because, see, they weren't mimosa seeds.  They were my mosa seeds. Giggle.

2)  Kids' Halloween costumes.  I have it all figured out.  Now I just need to get started sewing.  Suzi wants to be a bat.  Easy enough, that's just a black outfit with awesome wings on the arms and a hat with bat ears.  I asked Ivey if she wanted to be Ponyo and she said yes.  I'm a little unsure about sewing a red Ponyo dress.  Might have to get some help on that one.  Then I plan to use orange hair chalk to make her hair look like Ponyo's.  She is going to be adorable!  And then yesterday it hit me that with his hair short, Robert looks a lot like Harold of "Harold's Purple Crayon."  So, basically, I'll just need to hand him a purple crayon on Halloween and he'll be all set!  I might try to find a little blue outfit for him if we don't have one already.  Also, Jordan said we should probably just make him a pretend crayon out of cardboard.  He's probably right.  Otherwise little Harold will be coloring things purple wherever we go.

3)  Life is so much easier when the dining room table is clear.  It's usually buried, but today it's clean and we've been homeschooling at it.  I think I'm going to start clearing it several times a day, even if I have to dump the stuff somewhere (anywhere!) else.

4)  Bike riding has finally clicked for Suzi.  She's still using training wheels and probably will be for a while, but she has such a good time and I'm sure she'll progress to two wheels quickly now.  I'm not sure which she is fonder of, the bike itself or the Buzz Lightyear bell we got for her.  She rings it at cars, and also calls out greetings such as "hello, friendly cat!"  Have I mentioned she wears black Converse All-Stars while all this is going on?  I can hardly take the cuteness.  Seeing her ride her bike makes me so happy.