Thursday, October 11, 2012

10th Kissiversary and a Halloween table runner

I am actually posting this Friday morning, cheating by dating it the 11th.  But the reason I didn't get to post yesterday is that Jordan and I were celebrating our Kissiversary.  Ten years ago we had our first kiss! Who would've guessed on that October night when we were both 18 and watching a movie in his little college apartment that in ten years we'd have three kids together?  Three!  Wonderful kids!  It's kind of amazing.  And my Jordy is amazing.  I love him so much.

Also, I made this table runner.  The dining room table really needed a little something, and I think this does the job.  I used upcycled wool I already had, and it was so easy!  I just sewed a bunch of rectangles right sides together, pressed the seams open, then cut waves up the sides.  No hem needed because it's felted wool and as a seasonal table runner, it won't get used or moved around much.  I do think it looks better in person.  Hard to get a decent picture of the whole thing!