Friday, September 14, 2012

Beauty school dropout

Thank God for weekends. Jordan is home from now until Monday morning!

Things have been hard around here lately. We don't have any serious problems. We are all healthy and happy, but just tired. I won't bore you with the details, but it's basically so many messes. They are made mostly by the three- and one-year-old children, with the two dogs as their sidekicks.

The Mess of the Week Award goes to Ivey, and it happened yesterday. My friend Megan and I were sewing at the dining room table, and Suzi was with us. Robert was happy in the jumperoo. Ivey was playing quietly. Yep. I should've known!

Suzi went in the living room and caught Ivey in the act. I heard her shout the words no mother ever wants to hear: "Mom! Ivey's cutting hair!" Ivey tried to hide (meaning she lay down in the floor and closed her eyes) as Megan and I stared at all the blond hair in the living room floor. She had cut her hair and Robert's. I thought I might faint and sat down for a minute while Megan swept up all the hair and tied up a little curl of each child's hair with ribbon. Jordan came home for lunch because I needed moral support and told Ivey she shouldn't cut hair. She told him "yeah I should, it looks beautiful." Remember how in Sleeping Beauty they rounded up every spinning wheel in the kingdom and destroyed them all? We are basically going to have to do that at our house, but with scissors.

Luckily our awesome hair stylist worked us in that afternoon, so Ivey got a cute pixie cut, and Robert now looks like Caillou. It's a shame I don't like Caillou. Every time I look at my baby boy, all I can think of is that theme song! But the good news is that now I can stop wondering why on earth Caillou is bald. It's probably because he cut his own hair and had to have it buzzed.

I love Ivey's new pixie cut, and more importantly, so does she!

Curls! I miss those beautiful curls! But he's probably more comfortable now.