Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eye teeth

Robert is learning to give kisses and they are the sweetest, spittiest little kisses any baby boy ever gave, mmm-mah!

Robert is cutting his eye teeth and at least one molar. Ouch. Last night he finally fell asleep around midnight, I think. Jordan has always been the primary baby cuddler and puts Robert to sleep each night. He is awesome like that. The way Robert has been lately, if he does fall asleep we're afraid to put him down in the bed. That'll probably wake him up, and he hasn't even wanted to nurse to sleep at night lately. I feel bad for him, because clearly the poor little guy is uncomfortable a lot of the time and there's only so much I can do to help.

It's been hard for the rest of us, too. It's hard to juggle baby cuddling, meal preparing, spending time with my girls, homeschooling, cleaning, and other assorted projects I must do. We've been taking a break on the homeschooling. I am sure the girls would love for me to read to them more, without the baby whining and crying at us. Jordan does most of the cooking. The house gets really messy sometimes. Do you know how many dirty dishes and dirty clothes a family of five can generate? It's nuts! By the time I've dealt with all that, I barely have any time or focus to tackle what I call second-tier cleaning jobs. You know, things you say you'll do once the laundry is put away and the floor isn't covered in toys. Stuff like cleaning out the craft (crap) room, going through the kids' outgrown clothes, clearing the dining room table, or seeing if I can find the top of my dresser. I've been thinking about making a list of all these tasks I'd like to do and checking one or two off every week. Maybe then I could eventually work on third-tier stuff like reorganizing and decorating.

By the way, I am still skating! I love and need this in my life right now. Here is what's going on with derby.