Sunday, July 24, 2011

My kids and my crafts

Two of my favorites. Also love spending time with Jordan. Doesn't happen much.

We did go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter, though. My parents offered to let the girls spend the night, and we thought hey, let's go to a movie, but not much was on but Harry Potter. So we shopped a while at Goodwill (Thursdays are $1 days, don't you know) and then hung out in line because we wanted to be sure to get a seat where we could run out if Robert started to cry. We were way early, and I was hoping there would be Harry Potter cake or something but there was only trivia and I felt oddly like a schoolchild. We did get to see some rather interesting costumes (grown man wearing a pillowcase!) and I only had to poke Jordan a few times right at the end of the movie to keep him awake. Robert slept through the entire thing. We should go to movies in the middle of the night more often!

Anyway, on to the pictures.

I've been making more wool diaper covers. I like making them with cute animals on the butt. These two I made for pregnant friends (one of whom just had her baby the other day, yay!). I want to make some to sell, if I ever get time.

I cut up the rainbow pants and tried again. They are a little improved now.

Wool pants! I love them! I just made these the other day as a first try. I'll have to make some more for Robert in several months that will fit for the fall and winter. I've got a couple of striped sweaters that are going to be SO CUTE on him as pants. I can't wait.

I went to a friend's Crochet Corner playdate the other day and she helped me get started on this hat. I finished it at the highland games. I like to crochet, but you know what I don't like? Paying a fortune for quality yarn. I love thrifting. I am not used to retail prices. But Saturday I found two little skeins of gray wool at Salvation Army for 50 cents each so I'm going to take it to the next Crochet Corner and see if I can make matching hats for Robert and me. That would be nerdy-adorable.

Here is a picture of Suzi at a birthday party last week. We let her dress herself. She has such a unique sense of style, don't you think? She loves anything boyish.

And this is classic Ivey, having a third or fourth yummy lemon poppy seed muffin. I was nursing Robert for a good part of this event and she begged the other moms to get them for her.

She still looooves her little brother, but he is getting to be not so little compared to her anymore! I remember when this happened with her and Suzi.

Suzi made these potato heads today and wanted me to take a picture. Now they are decorating the top of our TV cabinet. I love how she repurposed the mustache into eyebrows.

After spinning my crafty wheels in the mud for several days, I was so happy to finally finish something tonight. (Well, Jordan and I also repaired Robert's bouncy seat, which involved some sewing. But that wasn't really a craft.) This is a storage bag that hangs over the back of your car seat by the head rest. I saw the idea at punk projects, but as you can probably tell, I did not follow all of her directions. Hers looks a lot nicer, but I was in a hurry. After I installed our new storage bag, I was moved to spend the next half hour cleaning out the van. So thanks, Katie! You made my night.

My sweet Robert is looking more and more like me these days (we know because he looks like my same-age baby pictures). He isn't playing too much with toys yet, but he does seem to like these monkeys. He can roll from front to back and I'm pretty sure he could roll back to front, but he hasn't yet. His floor time is limited because I don't want Ivey wrestling with him/stepping on him. These were taken after the girls were in bed.

Oh, goodness. I never get tired of looking at him.


Tanya said...

Robert is absolutely adorable. If I knew I would have a boy, I'd get pregnant again in an instant.

Monica said...

Hello! I found your blog through a hypnobabies blog post, and just came over to visit! I see we have a lot in common including girls named Ivy/Ivey, homebirth, Catholicism, and a new adventure in homeschooling!

I loved your birth story and think baking a cake sounds like an excellent birthday project!

Unknown said...

Your car bag looks awesome! Thanks for using my tutorial. :)