Monday, April 25, 2011

16 days old, plus random updates and pictures

I think this is going to be a ring sling baby.

See? He loves it!

Jordan likes the Moby, but today I tried the Maya Wrap Ring Sling and it worked much better for me. I took the girls out in the backyard for about an hour and a half, fixed lunch, and read a book to the girls with minimal interruption. See, I can totally do this. And not only that, but it's going to be awesome.

Carey came and weighed Robert again a few days ago and he was up, I think, 13 ounces? So he probably has gained over a pound by now. And he's working on a double chin.

Yesterday I was sitting in church just thinking about how amazing this all is. Three sweet children, and this little boy is just the sweetest, most wonderful little guy ever. I think he might end up looking like me after all, too.

I am so excited to get the homeschool curriculum we've finally selected and get started with Suzi. In one evening, I did several hours of reading and decided to go with Oak Meadow (kindergarten). We won't be starting until the fall because the first "trimester" of lessons is seasonally appropriate for that time, but I'm still excited to start going through the books. I'll post more about this later.

I need to go change Robert's diaper in a minute, but here are some Easter photos!

From the egg hunt on the 17th...

What the Easter Bunny brought...

Robert at the community sunrise service.


Jamie said...

You are *AMAZING* all out and about with a 2 week old! You are doing great!

CJ said...

Being a mom to three looks GREAT on you! Beautiful pictures, as always! We are baby wearers too! I've NEVER been able to find the ring sling love, but I LOVE our wraps!

Anonymous said...

I really loved my ring sling with my newborns, as well. Once they were older I favoured a mei tai, but for teeny-tiny babies you can't beat a Maya Wrap.

And Robert looks so ALERT. He's just taking everything in.