Saturday, February 19, 2011

Suzi's first haircut (and a day with Mama)

Grandma (Maw, Ivey says) picked Ivey up Friday morning so Suzi and I could spend some time together. First we played Don't Break the Ice. Then, after we took forever getting ready to leave the house, we went shopping at our favorite local consignment shop and got a great deal on some new clothes for Suzi and Robert. Ivey gets hand-me-downs, but really, all my kids do whether they are from our family or someone else's. It's a good thing.

Then we went to get our hair cut. Suzi had whined and whined about how she didn't want to get hers cut, citing concerns that if she did it would "look like Grandpa's." Grandpa doesn't have much hair on the top of his head. Suzi knows the lady we went to from church and, after watching me get mine cut, consented to have hers done. But she wasn't happy about it.

I wouldn't have insisted that it be cut in the first place except that it had tangly dead ends and they kept pulling and breaking off when I tried to brush it.

She wanted me to hold her hand, so I had to put the camera away.

Miss Caren tried to put in a little green clip but Suzi didn't like it. She didn't want a bobby pin either. She likes her hair "all curly and crazy." So she yanked the offending accessory out of her hair and felt much better, especially after Miss Caren gave her a sucker.

And she felt better yet when we went to the mall and she got to ride "Samson," her favorite horse on the carousel. She said it was a magical carousel and when I asked her how she knew, she said "because it's so shiny and pretty." Funny girl.

Then we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's to get Ivey. Here we are with our new haircuts!

And here is an awkward self portrait of my hair, since you can't see it very well in that one. I got four inches cut off and it's layered a little too. It feels so much better. I think this is a good length. Not too long, but not one of those mom haircuts that look so awful on me either. I wish I could pull off a cute, short cut. But I can't.


Anonymous said...

I have the straightest hair EVER. I think I wish mine would go "all curly and crazy", too.

Kristin said...

Love your 'new' hair!