Thursday, February 17, 2011

A day so wonderful I had to make a list

1) We got our tax refund this morning, a day or so early. Hooray!

2) I ordered my birth tub, Suzi's new car seat, and a couple other things we needed to get before Baby Robert comes.

3) I got haircut appointments for me and Suzi tomorrow, which is the day my parents can keep Ivey, with the person I wanted even though she was really already booked.

4) I had a playdate with two of my favorite mama friends after being stuck at home lonely and sniffly for a long time. My friends are awesome and I missed them.

5) While I was at the playdate I bought some adorable cloth diapers from Jenn and she gave me a great deal. They are so cute and soft I just want to cuddle them and squeal. And Jenn also did a wool wash/lanolizing demonstration for me, and it's not as confusing as I thought.

Size zero Kissaluvs with a special snap to stay off the umbilical cord. 25 of em. 100 times better than what we had when Ivey was born.

This one is so sweet. We won't be needing any pants for Robert, just t-shirts. Don't want to cover up his awesome diapers.

6) And then Jenn agreed to come to our homebirth and take pictures for us, which is exciting.

7) Megan and Jenn and I discussed belly image and now I am feeling better about how mine looks, even though it is not stretch-mark-free or "perfect." I've been wanting to post a picture of it since this post by Hobo Mama, but I kind of want to ease into it. So here. This is Robert popping out to help me during a crafting session.

8) The kids all played pretty happily together, and it wore Ivey out so well that I brought her in from the van asleep and she stayed asleep until a few minutes after Jordan came home. Suzi watched a movie, so I had a little time to myself!

9) Jordan and I finished up a big project--a timeline of the events in his grandparents' lives, which will be displayed at the party we are attending this weekend. I think we did a good job.

10) A friend is getting rid of some clothes and offered me some wool sweaters for craft projects. Yay!

11) Jordan told me a few weeks ago that he thought we should get a little netbook for me to use after the birth when I will be upstairs in bed, and to have something we can take with us on trips. We went tonight and found one we liked and came in well under budget. Because Jordan is a geek, it was easy to pick one out, and he is setting it up for me now. It's really for both of us but I'm going to sew a girly, flowery case for it. That will mark it as my territory.

12) It was so warm outside, even after it got dark. What a welcome change!

This has been such a good day I don't want to go to bed. I don't see how tomorrow can possibly top it. I don't. But I'll be getting a desperately needed haircut and enjoying some Suzi-Mommy time so it'll probably come pretty close.


Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

I hope you become more comfortable with it! Pregnancy is such a wonderful but fleeting time in our lives. Too short to be worrying about stretch marks instead of savoring those sweet belly memories. Be proud!

Emily said...

Beautiful belly pic!

Quick question about the seat: How long did you manage to keep Suzi rear-facing? I tried to ask around on MDC, but you know how militant some people are about it. I want some reasonable expectations!

Jenny said...


We didn't keep Suzi rear-facing as long as we could have. At the time, I didn't realize how important it was and by the time I had seen the crash test videos and read a few articles, she was too big for us to want to turn her back rear-facing. I think she was about Ivey's age or maybe a little older when we turned her, but we are going to leave Ivey RF for quite a while longer. She is 18 months and at this point, since there is no problem whatsoever, I don't anticipate turning her around until sometime after she is two. I don't really want her to have to fold her legs up in front of her like some of the pictures I've seen, though. I'm not quite that devoted to it.

Anonymous said...

Your belly is gorgeous!! I love pregnant bellies! How exciting that Jenn is going to photograph. Woo-hoo!

And I'm so happy I made the list. :)

Theresa said...

I'm open for some netbook buying tips! Bring 'em on!