Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We love our dance classes!

Suzi took a while to warm up to dance.

Week 1: Sat in my lap in the corner and cried.
Week 2: Switched to a younger group, spent half of class pouting and just standing there.
Week 3: Participated and had a good time.
Week 4: Paid even more attention, had even more fun, and participated in everything.

Here's a little video from her third class (she's the one in the purple). She really thought she should put her hands on her knees and bounce. Then she was like okay, fine, I'll tap my toe then.

I love watching Suzi through the one-way mirror. She is so cute tapping her little toes and prancing around and holding her arms up like a ballerina. Oh, it is so fun watching.

I am loving my tap class as well. The steps felt so clumsy and difficult in the first class, but now after some practice they are starting to feel natural and the sequences the teacher shows us just kind of flow. Who knew tap would be so easy to learn as an adult? I'm going to be sad when I have to stop going!

No videos of me dancing. I'm not as cute as Suzi. And I still need new tap shoes. Really badly.


Anonymous said...

I love watching them settle into something, and then blossom. It's so amazing to think that it's my little baby out there.

Lauren Wayne said...

OH! I am SO glad you wrote this. Week 1 of pre-ballet for Mikko was him sitting in the HALLWAY on my lap and crying. Week 2 was sitting in the class on my lap and burrowing his head in my chest and crying. We haven't made it to Week 3 yet, so you're giving me hope.

Zappos has tap shoes for women. You could try them all on for free in the comfort of your home and then when you know which ones you want, you could try to find them cheaper on ebay or craigslist. I mean, if you want more work than just going to the local dance store. ;) I hope you get the kind that look like Mary Janes and close with a bow, because — adorable!

Emily said...

So glad she's enjoying her classes now, and that you are too!

I am waiting for our studio to start adult classes- they're moving into a new facility, and with the extra room, will be able to offer more classes.

I grew up taking dance, and danced at Clemson (modern and jazz). However, I'm intrigued with the idea of adult tap- it's been so many years! I can remember being a little girl and wanting the heeled tap shoes so badly :-) Hopefully I will get my wish in another couple of weeks- then I'll be the huge preggo lady in class.

Jenny said...

Emily--those high-heel tap shoes are gorgeous but I am afraid those will be harder for me to learn in... and that in a few months I might fall over. So sadly I will be getting the lower heels, which are almost as cute.

Lauren--I hope he'll end up liking it! I'd like any sons I have to try dance, and I think our studio even offers a discount for boys, but there don't seem to be boys in any of the classes. Are there any other boys in Mikko's class? Hopefully my husband and other family members won't make me feel bad about it. I found out there's a shoe place in town so I'll probably go there for my shoes, since I really wanted them several weeks ago.