Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ivey!

You were born in the water right about now one year ago.

Kissing you on the forehead the day you were born was like kissing a peach.

We laughed when you cried the first time, because it was surprisingly loud. You always have known how to speak up.

Suzi found your "belly butt," which we tucked away in a drawer.

You loved being "tangled up" in a wrap in those early days, and we loved being tangled up with you.

Suzi kept wanting to hold you, even after you got too big and wiggly and she could hardly see over the top of your head.

After a few months you started crying Mamma! and I loved it.

Then you started calling for Dada more. He still walks you to sleep and cuddles with you at night.

You love to play in the water, to splash Suzi, and you don't see why she cries about it.

You refused to eat for a while, but now there's nothing you won't eat. And you eat a lot!

You grew six teeth and they look a little out of place in your baby mouth.

Then you learned to use those teeth to stand up for yourself. Ouch!

Now you press your little hand to your chest to ask if something is yours.

You walk over to me and fall into my arms with a big six-tooth grin.

You climb into my lap and sit down like it's the best seat in the house.

And I don't think there's been a single day that I held you enough to suit you. But I tried.

Today you are one. Happy Birthday, Ivey. We love you so much!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ivey!

And happy birth-ing day to you. :)

Lauren Wayne said...

How is she a year old already?! Oh, my goodness. Hope you all had a lovely celebration. Those are some seriously sweet pictures.

Megan said...

Tear... such sweet mama's words. I can't believe it's been year already. Happy Birthday little sunshiney Ivey! The world is a little brighter with you in it!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday, Ivey! What a wonderful sunny month to have a birthday!