Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!

Suzi really went after the eggs this year.

We helped her a little, because she was one of the littlest egg hunters and we didn't want her to get her feelings hurt if she, for instance, only found like two eggs. (Happened to me once. Although I was eight.)

Daddy held Ivey while we helped Suzi hunt.

Turns out we were so busy helping Suzi, who really cared about finding eggs, that we forgot to help Ivey find any until it was too late! We felt bad.

But Ivey did end up finding a couple of eggs after all.

Then we went home.


Anonymous said...

I so feel you on the finding no eggs, thing. I am not a good egg hunter. I lack the patience, I'm afraid. Eventually, my mother learned to write her scavenger hunt clues to be ridiculous easy. Like, "Now, look in the oven," easy. I was a teenager.