Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Copper or Two--my husband's blog!

I told Jordan a couple of years ago that he needed to start a blog, but he wasn't into the idea. I gave up on it, but then a couple of weeks ago I happened upon something interesting. I was logging in to blog, and when I went to the Blogger dashboard I saw someone else's info. Then I realized it was my husband Jordan's, and there was the name of a blog on it: A Copper or Two! I couldn't believe he had started a blog without telling me. When I clicked on it, nothing had been done. No posts, no header, nothing. But what a cute name! I asked him about it later, and he said he'd seen a news story about people who had written about saving the money they'd found on the ground and donating it, and he'd thought about trying it himself. Then he'd found nothing.

I recently convinced him that this was a waste. He's a DIY kind of guy. He made my nursing stool and built a media center computer for us, and likes to find ways to get free stuff. I think he's a smart guy. Today he's writing his very first post and I'm excited for him. He'll blog about things we've found, some ideas we've tried out to save money, and maybe talk about our family too.

Here is his first post at his new blog, A Copper or Two!

And before I get busy helping him with his new header and stuff, here's one thing I have to say about yard sales. You should go to them, and go late. This is what my brother taught me when I went to the sales with him in college. If you shop late, like around 11:00, the sellers want to ensure that they don't get stuck with a bunch of leftovers and will be more likely to give you a good deal. You may even want to start out at 7:00 or so, and if you see something you like that is a little pricey you can go back near the end of the sale to see if the seller is more willing to negotiate. Here are our goodies from just one of our favorite sales yesterday:

The muscadines in the background are from Jordan's dad, not a yard sale

Suzi'll love these

We got all this and a little more for just $5! It was a good, good day that reaffirmed what we already knew: trust God and He will get you what you need. See Jordan's blog for our big find!


maryanne said...

I love yard sales, although I haven't been much this year. Maybe I'll catch a couple of fall sales...

I love the photo in your blog header!